Card Support

Welcome to the Eagle Federal VISA card management center.

Report Lost / Stolen Visa Cards

Has your Visa card been lost or stolen? We can quickly turn off the card so you don’t have to worry about any fraud purchases. Simply report it online or call us!

Report Card   or Call 1-800-682-6075

Fraud Prevention Service Alerts

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we offer an alert system for potential fraud.

When potential fraud is detected, you will receive an automatic email, text, or phone call notification from Eagle Federal’s Fraud Center. Remember we will never ask for your PIN or account number. Save the number 800-417-4592 in your phone under “Fraud Center”. All incoming and outgoing texts to the Fraud Center are at no charge.

*Be aware that debit card transactions over $350 may require a PIN to complete. This may affect transactions at grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail outlets.*